Breakaway - The 2010 FRC Game

In 2010, FIRST kicked off Breakaway, a game that looked a lot like soccer on the surface. The field was split into 3 sections by two 1-foot-tall bumps with tunnels in the middle, which allowed smaller robots to move between the sections without going over the bump. Robots were allowed to have kickers to kick the balls into 1 of the 2 goals per alliance at each corner of the field, for a total of 4 goals. Where the game stopped looking like soccer was at the end, where teams could climb up towers in the middle of the field for bonus points.

The Game Animation

Breakaway Season Documents

Photo Gallery From 2010

Competition - 2010

Acura of Avon Day - 2010

Avon Day - 2010

CNC Machine - 2010

Making the CNC Workbench - 2010

CAD/CNC Machine Activities - 2010

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