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Here are some links relevant to Avon Robotics, FIRST Robotics, and science.

Avon Robotics

UberBots Alumni Website - A communication hub and directory of our past members. Started as a project in 2010 to have a place to build off of our past members' knowledge, it is an important resource for our current team.

UberWiki - Our team edited website containing team information and other resources

The Falconeers - FRC Team 3561, the sister team of the UberBots.

Six Degrees of FIRST - A project started in 2010 to find the shortest "path" between two teams.

Avon Public Schools - Our team's school district that supports us tremendously.

FIRST Robotics

US FIRST - This is the official website of FIRST, the organization that started all of this madness (fun). Take a look at their site, they provide much information on the FIRST program and how to get involved, as well as other helpful logistical details.

Chief Delphi - This website is, by far, the most useful and helpful FIRST related site ever. Its forums are filled with information on just about anything that could go wrong with your robot, code, and advice on tight situations. We actually owe a lot to this site, mainly in our coding area.

The Blue Alliance - The Blue Alliance is a website created to support FIRST, and originally started as a blog. However, as time went on they gained popularity quickly by adding a Match Archives section on their website, which is invaluable to any scouting team. Many of the videos in our media section we have thanks to this website. Give them a click. (Team 1124's Page)

FIRST Forums - The FIRST forums were created to help teams with the rules of the current year's game, and to provide a formal way of asking questions about the FIRST competition, and help lead to a more streamlined process in revising game rules if necessary.

Think Tank - A resources created by Worcester Polytechnic Institute and FIRST which includes articles helping FIRST Teams operate.

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