Team Structure

Maintaining a team requires a mixture of freedom and structure. Mentors and students comprise the active members that give the life and workforce to a team. The UberBots are run by a student-run Management Subteam. (One may notice I capitalized Management. This is because the word has gained such a proper-noun meaning within our team.)

Team Positions

Management works closely and meets regularly along with the team coach or mentors. They are generally responsible for making most decisions (except for regarding safety and money) and may be advised in their decisions by mentors. For example, if somebody on the team want to make a purchase, the treasurer is notified, who tells the management team, who decide whether or not to make a purchase, and if they decide to do so, go to the Coach for final approval.

The following is a detailed description on the qualifications and duties assigned to each leadership position. Keep in mind that these qualifications and duties are flexible, and can be subject to change depending on the person in the position.

Election Procedures

The Management Team is elected each year after the Championships (Atlanta/St. Louis). Members are nominated (or self nominated) for each position and from there we hold platforms and debates. Then each team member (including Seniors) casts one secret vote for each position, and one mentor tallies the ballots and announces the winners. Over the summer, the new Management works hard to prepare the team for the upcoming year.

Other Subteams

Below Management, the team is divided into other subteams. Currently, we have a Systems Team, Mechanical Team, CAD Team, Website Team, and Community Team. The Systems Team programs and works with electronics. The Mechanical Team works on the physical and machinery aspects of the robot. The CAD Team models the robot on CAD programs and the Autodesk Award. The Website Team designs and maintains the website and prepares it for the Website Award. The Community Team works with the Community Liaison to plan demos and work on the Chairman's Award. Students may pick to work with a specific subteam because of interests and skills, but are in no way restricted to staying with one subteam or stopped from taking part in a subteam.

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