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At the beginning of 2010, the UberBots decided they needed to design a new website. When considering why the old one had not worked as well as they wanted, they determined that if the website's code and content were interlaced, the site would be impossible for a non-programmer to maintain and would be harder to add code onto. Also, the process of creating individual pages was too difficult. How then, could code be separated from content and pages be creating with a single click? At that point, the UberBots website team conceptualized what they coined "OmniPage" system. It would function as a content management system with complete modularity. Six months later, the new UberBots website was ready to hit the web! The OmniPage system, run by the OmniCore, can be summed up it the following diagram:
For the presentation the website team gave the the rest of the UberBots regarding the OmniPage system, go here (.ppt).

More Information:

Some other things we're proud of:

  • Open Source Project - OmniPage is now it's own open source project. You can put it on your site, if you want. Check it out.
  • W3 Validation
  • Breakthough menu navigation - better than anything we've seen on any other website (and all automatically generated)
  • PHPBB Integration with the calendar, users, and permissions
  • A website made for our community, students, parents, and mentors by our website team, maintained by our entire team.

Other Projects by the UberBots Website Team

The UberBots website team The UberBots' Website Team has also worked on other projects. They created Six Degrees of FIRST, a tool that finds the shortest path between two FRC teams using past match alliances. The team also made The UberBots Alumni Website. This tool helps our alumni stay in contact with the team as well as provide team history and a reminder of the years they spent with Team 1124.

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