About Our Team

We are a group of 30 students and 15 mentors (adult leaders) from Avon, Connecticut. Each one of our students participates in the FIRST program by using their skills to contribute to the team while learning new skills and expanding their knowledge. Each member on the team may be part of or contribute to one or more of our sub-teams:

The Management Team

A group of five students (a president, vice president of internal affairs, secretary, treasurer, and the vice president of public relations) who are elected by our team members each spring for a one-year term in which they work closely with the Team Coach to run and operate the team.

The Mechanical Team

Often referred to as the build team, the mechanical team is in charge of physically building the mechanisms and chassis that make up the robot, then putting it all together. The mechanical team also works closely with the CAD team in the design process.

The Systems Team

The responsibilities of the systems team encompasses two aspects: programming the robot and wiring the robot and its electronics. They work in the program LabVIEW to create a functioning machine out of the hardware created by the mechanical team.

The Public Relations Team

Led by the Vice President of Public Relations (of the Management Team), the community team plans demos, events, and fundraisers during the off-season, and works on the Chairman's Award during build season.

The community team plans dozens of fundraiser and community demoes each year at local restaurants, events, schools, and places of business in order to spread the message of our team and of FIRST. To learn more about upcoming events, visit our calendar and follow us on Twitter.

The Website Team

The Website Team, led by the Webmaster, is in charge of programming, designing, and maintaining the UberBots' Website. To learn more, visit the About our Website page.

The CAD Team

The CAD team uses computer-aided design software in order to create a virtual version of the robot, which helps in planning, conceptualizing, manufacturing, and referencing. The subteam also uses our CNC machine to manufacture custom parts.

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