About Our Mentors

None of our many accomplishments would have been possible without the help of our many incredible mentors and volunteers. Team parents, mentors, coaches, and volunteers from local businesses put in thousands of combined hours of effort every season. Our students get to work with professionals from the "real world" who help them to experience and understand their areas of involvement on a new level. The students of the ├ťberBots would like to sincerely thank all of our amazing mentors and volunteers for committing so much of their time to help us.

Our Team Mentors and Volunteers:

Gary Mala
Barbara LaReau
Jim LaReau
Ed Gutowski
Richard Niezrecki
Chithra Niezrecki
John Gamelin
Barbara Fischler
Steve Malloy
Ellen McIsaac
Elise Yost
Jennifer Weston
Brian Clonan
Alex Chen
Bruce Swetzes

And Thanks to our Past Mentors:

Tony Lopreiato
Sharon Lopreiato
Jim Ligotti
Ben Bowman
David Dorsky
Micky Dorsky
Wendy Howard
Vernetta Jefferson
Jay Smith
Randi McIsaac
Kathie Read
Steve Read
Paul Santarsiero
Drew Shipuleski
Bill Sisson
James Starr
Craig Stickler
Brian Baldwin
Dave Bedard
Ellen Bedard
Tom Carlone
Bud Carpenter
Gerry Clapper
Andre Cote
Fran Goldberg
Rich Goldberg
Lisa House
Ralph Jefferson
Ken Kasner
Debbie Longworth
Jim Longworth
Janice Malyak
Dan McCrudden
Kathie Sisson
Dave Stewart
Fred Turner

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